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Post jobs that are up-to-date#13


There are remote jobs posted on the website, that are not available anymore. For example, the Perdoo Design job. Please stay up-to-date! This is also not a great image for the company that is hiring

5 months ago

Thanks for your feedback. Yes you’re right. We can do this better. We always post jobs that are “live.” However, we don’t control when the company closes them at their end and if we do find out it’s often not straight away.

We have an obligation to featured jobs for 60 days but will do more to review their status over time and more often.

From now on when we find that a job is closed to applicants we will label it as “Closed” in our listings to help prevent disappointment.

Thanks for helping us improve our service!

5 months ago
Changed the status to
5 months ago